Hi I’m Haley,
I’m 16. I was born July.27.00 This year In march I lost my father to a Drug Overdose. My Dad was 45 very young. I Remember getting a call from my older brother that day and he kept asking me If he can talk to “mom” so I kept asking why… after about 15 mins I found out. I Remember just falling to the floor feeling it was all fake! After that we headed over to my dad’s were he was found in his room by his father. When I got there I seen the medical examiner, ambulances and more… I was so hurt. It was hard to begin to think this was real. I had asked the medical examiner, if I can go upstairs and see my dad and she had told me she thought it would be better if I just seen him at the funeral home because of the way he was and I told her I really wanted to see him right there and then. So she made a deal that if my brother went up with me I can see him so my brother came with me and there I seen my dad laying in his bed. I ran right up to him hugged him tried getting him to come back .I knew he was still there I just knew it. After that the lady had told us we had to go down stairs so she can get the body out of the house, so as I stepped down I seen the officers with the body bag all ready to go As I went to walk in the living room and took 3 deep breaths and they had him out.

Till this day I Think about that day and how I lost him.


(main picture used is an alias, photo below is of Haley and her father)

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