Cath #2

I have often likened the passing of my beloved dad, to bowel cancer as being ship-wrecked. Adrift on a lonely sea, while memories of him were like sunken treasure, buried deep beneath the surface.

Dad slipped away over 18 months, dying ten days after my 13th birthday. His birthday present to me was to still be physically present, so we could celebrate my milestone together. It was the most meaningful present I could ever hope for…

Losing dad at such a critical age ignited my passion for natural health. I could never turn back the hands of time, to gently encourage dad to eat living food and embrace holistic principals. Nor could I undo the effects of his love of Winfield red cigarettes, and living the high stress, executive life.

My quest for good health and holistic living really began the day my dad’s life ended. It has been the road I continue to travel on.

I am two years shy of the age when dad passed, and I am determined to make old bones. Healthy, calcium rich bones, with a very contented smile as I play with my future beloved grandchildren.

Please make wise choices. Eat well, live well, and love life with every inch of your being..


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