This day is a particularly special One for me, as an extraordinarily beautiful mystical Being known as Marianne was born on this day 57 years ago…and 20 years later, she created this incredible human body for me to inhabit!

7 years after birthing me into world of form, she exited hers and in the process gifted me with the awareness of my true Eternal nature, setting the foundation and paving the way for my Soul’s most perfect unfolding. Waking me up inside of the dream, flipping “reality” upside down and revealing the Truth that there is so much more than our 5 physical senses can perceive… and ever so gradually, throughout the 3 decades that have followed, has guided me to Become All I came Here to Be.

There have been so many moments along the way where I’ve wept in longing for my sweet mother to hold me and soothe the rough edges, to help me find my way when I was alone and stumbling in confusion through the fog of distortion. Yet ultimately, I Am so Grateful for the perfection of the Design, that fed me the exact conditions I needed to activate my inherent gifts and reveal my latent potential in the midst of the challenges I had to face as my initiations. And she truly *has* been Here, every step of the way… holding me in her nonphysical yet oh so tangible embrace!

What a miracle, this Life…thank you my Beloved Mama Marianne, for the gift of this Life. I receive it so completely, again and again with every breath, knowing in my bones how truly precious and fleeting this human existence Is~ I take not One single breath for granted, and your Love lives on through me and the gorgeous fractals that I have Now been so blessed to birth into this world!

Amber Hartnell

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